Clubhouse Bali Condos Black Friday Sale

Clubhouse Bali Condos

Black Friday Sale

Purchase a Clubhouse Bali Condo by Midnight Friday the 13th and get a FREE Premium Furniture Package (PFP)!

The Clubhouse Bali Condos are located in central Sanur right next to the Clubhouse Steak Bar & Grill.  It’s about 300 meters from the beach, there’s a wide variety of shopping and dining options nearby and it’s only about 20 minutes from the Airport.

Buy into the Clubhouse Bali Condos and get a 20 or 25-year leasehold on your own piece of paradise. You can holiday in your private condominium when you want and we can rent it out for you when you’re not around.

If you haven’t already made the decision to buy, we’re currently offering discounted off-plan pricing during construction to help you decide. And remember, purchase BEFORE Friday the 13th at Midnight Bali Time and get your FREE FURNITURE PREMIUM PACKAGE.

Contact us for details about the PFP and welcome to the Clubhouse Bali Condos in Sanur!

Clubhouse Condos Sanur Bali Interior Bedroom

Buying a Slice of Heaven in Bali

Its warm weather, stunning landscape, amazing beaches and welcoming culture makes Bali one of the world’s most desirable places to live. Visitors just can’t seem to get enough of the glorious island, and more and more holidaymakers are either turning their short trips into permanent stays or securing holiday units that they can retreat to whenever they feel the urge.

Real estate in Bali is being snapped up quickly, making Bali a hot spot not just for international home buyers looking for their own slice of heaven, but also for astute property investors.

Bali’s luxury property market is progressively attracting more and more property tycoons looking to cash in on the capital gains and build a healthy property portfolio in a market that has seen rapid appreciation over the past few years.

For investors or those looking to get their hands on a beautiful unit, understanding Indonesia’s complex and restrictive property laws can have its challenges. The Clubhouse Bali Condos helps in a number of ways:

  • It's one of, if not THE, most affordable real estate offerings in Bali,
  • Our 20 and 25 year leasehold options take the guess work out of buying real estate property in Indonesia,
  • Our off-plan pricing means that healthy gains are available if you decide to sell after construction, and
  • We can rent the place for you when your not in Bali so you can realize a positive return on your investment

Contact us today and don't forget to ask about the PFP

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