Clubhouse Bali Condos IMB Update Licensing Paperwork

Clubhouse Bali Condos IMB Update

Clubhouse Bali Condos IMB Update

It’s now official! The IMB for the Clubhouse Bali Condos is complete and in our possession. IMB stands for Ijin Mendirikan Bangunan, which literally means “permit to establish a building” commonly known as a “Building Permit”. It is the formal approval from the Government to build a building.

IMBs are important, very important

After the land certificate, the IMB is probably the most important document regarding properties in Indonesia. The building permit is not only a permit to carry out the initial building but it also continues through the building's life as a registration document.

The permit defines (through a huge pile of associated documents) the specification of the building that is or has been built and the purpose the building can be used for.

To get an IMB it is necessary to submit the following:

  • A land certificate including the relevant survey plan
  • An Ijing Kavling (permit to subdivide)
  • Correct land zoning for the building that is planned
  • Drawings of the buildings that comply with local building regulations
  • Structural and services drawings to make sure that the buildings have been properly designed and specified
  • Signed permission from all owners of directly neigbouring properties

Clubhouse Bali Condos IMB Update Licensing Paperwork

It’s been a long journey to finalize IMB, having been in progress since September 2018. But we are proud to have achieved this major milestone in the development of the Clubhouse Bali Condos.  To date, Block 1 is 80% sold and we are scheduling the soft launch for ground breaking on Block 2. Clubhouse Bali Condos IMB Update.

Clubhouse Bali Condos – Still the Best deal in Bali

The Clubhouse Bali Condos are located int he Heart of Sanur, a peaceful beach-side community in Eastern Bali. The luxurious leasehold Condos are walking distance to the beach, shopping, and nightlife with some of the finest restaurants in close proximity. Featuring Studio, One, Two and Three bedroom configurations, every unit has a balcony overlooking the pool and BBQ area.

Your Condo can be used as your ex-pat home in Bali, a private holiday home or a holiday rental, as it has all of the licenses in place. The setup and location of the Condos in central Sanur mean these properties can be easily rented at premium holiday rates. The properties are being sold on 20 or 25 year leaseholds, with options for an additional 20 or 25 years included. Prices start at just AU $79,000 for a Studio.

For more information including price information please Contact Us now for full details.

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