Have you ever DREAMED of owning your own place in Bali?

Clubhouse Bali Condos Sanur

20 & 25 Year Leaseholds Available

Have you ever DREAMED of owning your own place in Bali?

What if you could make that dream COME TRUE?

Live the lifestyle you’ve been working so hard for at the most affordable price you’ll find in Bali

90m2 Penthouse with Ocean View Rooftop Garden just AU$199,000 for 25 years

So the total price is $199,000 Australian Dollars for a 25 year Leasehold.  So the that works out to $7,960 per year. Hmmm, looks better doesn't it? Now that 8K per year works out to $153 per Week! 

That's just $21.87 per DAY!!!!

$22 bucks per day for a 90 square meter, one bedroom en-suite, beach side Sanur, Penthouse Condominium WITH a private rooftop Garden ….. whattt???? Your saying to yourself this has got to be some kind of joke, where's the camera. Well this aint no kinda joke, this is the real deal.

That's gotta be the best deal in Bali outside of a hut in the jungle (which is okay if you like that type of thing). But if you want a luxury condo right in the middle of Sanur for 22 bucks per night, where are you gonna go?

The Clubhouse Bali Condos is the ONLY game in town for that kinda money!

AND we can rent it for you when your not around for $80 to $100 bucks per night if you want. When you enroll in our Rental Pool, we handle all of the sales & marketing for you, check-in and check-out, plus all housekeeping.

So what are ya waiting for? Contact us today and get your very own piece of Paradise and start putting your money to work for you while you holiday in Bali.


Clubhouse Condos single block 4 levels 4 studios b


Clubhouse Bali Condos

20 & 25 Year Leaseholds Available

At the Clubhouse Bali Condos, you can make your dream come true in one of these luxury condos located in the heart of Sanur.  The Clubhouse Bali Condos are located steps away from shopping, restaurants and entertainment. The beach is a 5 minute walk and there’s a brand new health care facility just up the road.  Just off of the main thoroughfare of Jalan Tambligan, the Clubhouse Bali Condos are about 300 meters away from the world-famous Sanur Beach strand noted for it’s long stretches of beautiful white sand.

Buy into Clubhouse Condos Sanur and get a hassle-free, long term lease on your own piece of paradise. We have Studio Condos, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and Penthouse (you can configure your own layout which can accommodate up to 3 bedrooms if you want) units available.  Each of the three buildings will have four levels, a there is a large outdoor garden area complete with swimming pool and BBQ.

Welcome Home to the Clubhouse Bali Condos in Sanur!

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