Ground Floor Studio Condo for Sale by Owner

Ground Floor Studio Condo for Sale

Ground Floor Studio Condo for Sale by Owner

Right now we have a Ground Floor Studio on Sale at the Clubhouse Bali Condos next to the swimming pool. This beautiful 45 SqM Studio is perfectly situated in a quiet back corner of the complex right in front of the pool. This once in a life-time offer is priced to move well below market price for Bali in a location on the premium beach-side of the By Pass in central Sanur.

Make your dream come true in one of these luxury condos located in the heart of Sanur

The Clubhouse Bali Condos are located steps away from shopping, restaurants and entertainment. The beach is a 5 minute walk and there’s a brand new health care facility just up the road.  The Clubhouse Bali Condos in Sanur offers hassle-free long term leaseholds on your own piece of paradise.

This Studio Condo including kitchenette and veranda is priced to sell at just A$59,900 for a 25 Year Lease. You can holiday in your own private space and we can rent it for you when you’re not around.  There is a large outdoor garden area complete with swimming pool, pool bar and BBQ. Plus the condos are next to the Clubhouse Steak Grill & Bar so you will always have a local “watering hole” to come home to.

This is a great deal for those looking to live in Sanur or those seeking a pure investment. Considering your cost base of just A$2,396* per year, an average rack rate in beach-side Sanur of A$100 per night, and you are looking at an easy 7.7% RoI per Annum on an average occupancy rate of 65% per year.  That leaves you with 128 days per year for your personal use!

For more information on the Studio or investment plans, contact use today

The Clubhouse Bali Condos … one of the Best Buys in Bali today

A Prime Beach-side Location in the heart of Sanur

Ground Floor Studio Condo for Sale by Owner
* – Cost base is calculated from the purchase price of A$59,900 over 25 Years

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